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Third Thursday Films: "Selling Sickness: An Ill for Every Pill"

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Selling Sickness is a documentary film which exposes the unhealthy relationship between society, medical science and the pharmaceutical industry. Drug manufacturers today fund aggressive marketing campaigns designed to create public awareness of previously unknown diseases, or known by less dramatic names. Shyness thus becomes branded as "Social Anxiety Disorder," constant worry becomes "Generalized Anxiety Disorder," and premenstrual tension is now "Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder."
The sale of SSRI anti-depressant medications used to treat these and other diseases, such as Paxil, Zoloft and Prozac, has become an annual $20 billion market.
Through interviews with medical consultants, advertisers, patients, attorneys, and others connected to the industry, this film sounds a cautionary note. 

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Third Thursday Films are shown at 7pm at the GMP Local 244 Union Hall, 350 Hudson Ave, Newark, OH.  Each film will be followed by a discussion.  Film series sponsored by: The Licking - Knox - Muskingum Labor Council, AFL-CIO; The Glass, Molders, and Plastics Workers Union, Local 244.